Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Progress is slow..

As you can tell by the title, progress has been slow. I sent a good deal of money through to secure rent on a house and that fell through, so I have been waiting for 2 weeks for the guy to send my money back.

I spoke to Darryl about the need for a cheque. Apparently you can buy those things.. huh, who knew? So as soon as my money is through I am off to buy a cheque book... and to ask how to fill them out etc to send to America. So payment shouldnt be too much of an issue (fingers crossed).

I managed to find two references for my SSDCA membership application :) the references have to be members in good standing. So my form is fully filled out. So note of things to do:
  • Wait for money to come through.
  • Go to bank, buy cheques +ask for info on filling out + sending to USA
  • Go to post office and send SSDCA application + cheque off
  • Send puppy application + deposit off
I had a dream last night about my future shiloh. I went to the breeder on this huge farm and booked. I was so excited. Then I was back home and went and collected the most adorable little ball of fluff from the airport, and then another one was delivered to my house, and another and another and another.... I was in heaven :P Anyways there were balls of fluff EVERYWHERE.

I wish I could have my puppy now :(

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