Friday, May 14, 2010

The Beginning

A couple of years ago, while adeptly procrastinating, I stumbled upon the ultimate dog breed. This fantabulous (yes, its so cool it has its own new word) breed is called the Shiloh Shepherd. Unfortunately I then had to get back to work, putting the Shiloh to the back of my mind.
Years later I AGAIN stumbled across this magnificent creature. I read until I discovered the difference between the ISSR shilohs and "the others" (sounds ominous doesn't it). I read myself into a stupor and then found the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Forums; and I have never looked back!

This Blog is basically going to be about my journey to aquiring my own little shiloh furbaby. You see, I live in South Africa, and the shiloh is an American Breed in Development which has only really reached Europe recently. Africa seems like a giant leap away. So I invite everyone to join me through the trials and tribulations of my journey, raising the money to import the first ISSR Shiloh Shepherd to South Africa!

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